Wednesday, July 31, 2013

little bits of life.

some recent happenings.

celebrated the brother's sweet 16 in a couple of different ways:

  • Ed Sheeran & Jason Derulo concert (which was fantastic, by the way)
  • Dinner with family 
  • a night at the JW Marriott (still to come!) 

family dinner.
celebrated the long anticipated birth of sweet Georgia Bree (she arrived today & I can't wait to meet her tomorrow!)  with a 'sprinkle' for her mama hosted by Kate & myself.  I love planning parties! 

& finally I have been spending many days with my favorite little man & his mama. soaking up every moment i have with the two of them & not looking forward to the miles that will soon separate us!

how could you not LOVE this face?
life as of late has been too sweet. enjoying the last days of summer & being so blessed by those i love.


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

recent joys.

1. an incredible skype call with my fella, & being able to share in my awe of jesus with him.
2. a lunch date to panera with one of my favorite ladies. their broccoli cheese soup makes me weak at the knees.
3. baby kisses & snuggles from little jaxman.
4. a schedule for next week that will allow me to see friends & family and enjoy a couple of summer days! oh happy day :))
5. a dear friend visiting me at work & bringing me surprise yums. good yums & a good time catching up.

loving these precious moments in the past couple of days!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

a reality check.

   If you've been hanging out with me lately (which not many people have due to my schedule), you will know that I really dislike my job. I love the people, I love what I do, but the hours and a number of other factors have made me miserable!! I am so blessed to have a job at all, but it would be nice to enjoy one of my last summers in the mitten, instead of staring at a computer screen, answering phones, and dealing with guest complaints.

   I go to work in the middle of what are usually beautiful afternoons, and I leave when it is dark and most everyone is thinking about sleeping. I often come home to a quiet dark house, and when I wake my family is already gone for the day. I spend much of my time alone, and have become quite lonely on occasion. To put it in simple terms, second shift and I don't really get along well.

   Two people who I have been lucky enough to interact with on a regular basis are my dearest friend Kate & my incredible boyfriend. I have been blessed that their schedules allow for early morning hangouts and late night skype calls; I would be very much alone without them. They have listened time and time again as I have complained about my job in a number of different ways. They, I'm sure, have heard me threaten to put in my two weeks notice (after I have only been here for 3) at least 100 times. To say the least, they have been very gracious to me.

    Today, in the midst of dreading coming to work this afternoon, and complaining (of course), I read a chapter in my latest devotional book which spoke of experiencing Jesus in the hard times. I came to a section that focused on all of suffering that Jesus experienced in His lifetime, and how He has been through every single trial and falling out that we have ever encountered - He's been there before! The book asked why we as humans think that we are exempt from sufferings, while our sweet Jesus has suffered the ultimate, thinking little of Himself. Instead of trying to get out of the suffering, Jesus called on his Father, and drew near to Him for comfort.

   I came to realize that I have been feeling very alone in my situation, and have been very selfish to think that I should be exempt from such a miserable situation. I should be rejoicing! This miserable job, and  my ample amount of alone time allow me to draw so much closer to Jesus, and to meet Him in a place that He understands, all too well. Jesus wants to meet me here to comfort me, and show me how I should best handle my job. I have been missing out on opportune teaching moments from my savior, because I have been too busy complaining and being absolutely miserable.

   So, reality check had, this day at work is being spent reminding myself that I am in a place where Jesus is near, and is trying to teach me great things. And I am also being thankful to have any sort of job. I hope that you will be reminded that Jesus wants to meet you where you are, and that He definitely understands what you are going through.


Monday, June 17, 2013

father's day.

1) Celebrated my dad with a 'cake' made of his favorites! Snickers & Cherry Pepsi
2) Our Pops is tops!! 
3) Cory & wrote dad 30 things we loved about him for him to open 1 a day for 1 month; a  gift that keeps giving!
4) Loved spending a day with two of my favorite guys.

1) Spent the rest of the day soaking in the sun & the beauty of my great friends Katie & Josh's wedding; such a pretty bride!
2) Mr. & Mrs. Webb!
3) Every detail of their outdoor wedding was perfection & so reflective of these two. Burlap, books, perfect music & assorted place settings were a great setting for brick oven pizzas, drinks by the mason jar & an afternoon of dancing.
4) Love this lady to the moon & I am so excited for her & her new husband!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Unfortunately, my previous blog was somehow lost! I was very sad to see all of my images and posts disappear, so I quickly started recreating the look & feel of my other page. Hoping, fingers crossed, that all of those who followed me before will make the transition with me!